Governor: Martin Nyaga Wambora

General Information

Embu lies on the windward slopes of Mt. Kenya. It remarkably occupies the most prime fertile lands of the Kenya highlands. The forest cover hosts a great number of flora and fauna. There are two seasons enjoyed each year and the weather is quite favourable for diverse agricultural activities. Instances of drought or famine are extremely rare.

\n\nWith sufficient water resources, agriculture is prevalent owing to existence of several rivers that flow through the county. Considering the conservation measures that are in place, the county is projected to become water secure with the consequent rise in both agricultural production and household incomes.

\n\nBecause of it`s location at the foothill of Mount Kenya, the county`s temperatures are estimated at an average of between 9°C - 28°C. The county receives substantial rainfall with average annual precipitation of 1206mm.

\n\nThe wettest season is experienced between March and July while the hottest comes between January and mid March. Much of the land is largely arable and is well watered by a number of rivers and streams.


Manyatta; Runyenjes; Gachoka; Siakago


    Food crops (The main food crops grown include, maize, beans, yams, cassava, millet, sorghum, bananas, arrowroots among others);\nCoffe, Tea and Pyrethrum farming;\nLivestock keeping (cows, goats, sheep and chicken)


    Health Facilities
  • 133 - Provincial General Hospital (1), District Hospitals (2), Sub- District Hospitals (2), Dispensaries (74), Health Centres (12), Medical Clinics (34), Nursing Homes (2), Maternity Home (1), Others (5)
  • \nDoctor to Population Ratio
  • 1
  • \nInfant Mortality Rates
  • 56/1000 (Embu), 71/1000 (Mbeere)
  • \nUnder Five Mortality Rates
  • 6/1000 (Embu), 119/1000 (Mbeere)
  • \nPrevalent Diseases
  • Malaria, URTI, Skin Diseases, Intestinal Worms, Eye Infections, Diarrhoea
  • \nNotable Hospitals
  • Embu Provincial General Hospital, Mbeere District Hospital, Runyenjes District Hospital


    Number of Institutions (2007)
  • Primary (494), Secondary (147)
  • \nPrimary
  • Enrolment (125,418) Teacher to Pupil Ratio
  • \nSecondary
  • Enrolment (27,173) Teacher to Pupil Ratio
  • \nTertiary
  • Over 15 (Includes a University Affiliate College, Youth
  • Polytechnics, Teacher Training Colleges, Technical Colleges, and Several Commercial Colleges)
  • \nAdult Literacy Classes
  • Enrolment
  • Over 1,500

Martin Nyaga Wambora

Office of the Governor:

    Finance, Commerce and Economic Affairs
  • Arid and Semi Arid Lands

Dorothy Nditi

Office of the Deputy Governor:

Embu County

Embu County has MCAs from constituencies

Lenny Kivuti

Rosemary Mitaru

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