Population (2009)
Population (1999)
Annual population growth rate, 1999-2009(%)
Surface area (sq Km)
Population Density 2009 (people per sq Km)
Poverty gap, based on KIHBS (2005/06)
Share of urban population, 2009 (%)
Fully immunized pop <1yr (%, 2012/13)
Malaria burden (%, 2012)
TB cases in every 100,000 people (2012)
HIV Prevalence in 2011 (%)
People living with HIV (2011)
New HIV infections (2011)
Population with primary education (%)
Population with secondary education (%)
Constituency Development Fund (CDF)
Local Authority Transfer Fund (LATF)
Single business permit revenues by LAs
Property tax revenues by LAs
Rural Electrification Programme Fund
Improved water (% households 2009)
Improved sanitation (% households 2009)
Electricity (% households 2009)
Paved roads (% of total roads 2012)
Delivered in a health centre
Qualified medical assistant during birth
Had all vaccinations
Adequate height for age
Can read and write
Attending school, 15-18 years

Population (2009)